January 15, 2012

::Wenna's Embroidery Bolero Jacket :: DV 817

Model in White




Embroidery details

Side details

Code: DV817
Price: RM40

Color & Status:
Grey (46) - ALL SOLD OUT
White (44) ALL SOLD OUT
Brown (46) ALL SOLD OUT

Size & Measurements:
Size 44 - Bust: 38" max; Shoulder: 34" max; Arms: 18 " max; Length: 17"  
Size 46 - Bust: 42" max; Shoulder: 38" max; Arms: 20" max; Length: 17" 

UK Size: 
Size 44: Fit best till UK18
Size 46: Fit best till UK22

Bolero jacket with  on it, as easy as it gets in transforming any outfit to a more smart casual/semi-formal outfit. Material is tetron with full lining, very minimal ironing needed. Just slip in on, and you're ready to go :)


خياطة وتفصيل said...

It looks beautiful! thank you so much :)

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